World Cup 2022- They just don’t seem to GET why we’re a little concerned…

Morris Chapdelaine
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Morris Chapdelaine

January 5, 2011
10:37 a.m.

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“In statements that put FIFA President Sepp Blatter’s recent gaffes to shame, the Chairman of the Qatar 2022 Bid Committee chose to take to twitter to air his feelings about the criticism being levelled towards his country regarding homosexuality.

It would appear that Shiekh Mohammed Bin Hamad Al Thani, who is a member of Qatar’s Royal Family none the less, does not understand why people may be slightly concerned by Qatar’s draconian laws against homosexuality. The issue is clear. Locking people up for 5 years because they are gay is a slap in the face of human rights. Allowing for gays and lesbians to be forced into hormone therapy in an attempt to cure them of their homosexuality is a slap in the face of human rights.  Trying to entrap gays in Doha’s malls, streets and on gay chat rooms and websites by Qatari agents is a slap in the face of human rights.

FIFA’s President showed that he doesn’t seem to take human rights seriously, and now Mr. Al Thani seems to be taking it one massive step further. This is a very disturbing development seeing as, up until now, there has been little response from Qatari and World Cup bid authorities on the issue of gay rights. There are still absolutely no answers as to what will happen to gays and lesbians if and when they decide to go to the 2022 World Cup, not to mention removing the horrible legislations agains LGBT Qataris. Al Thani’s statements only increases the antagonistic tone already set by the FIFA President’s poorly thought out joke about gays refraining from sex of just a short while back. Already, Qatar 2022 is proving to be a homophobic affair, and the honeymoon of the grand win hasn’t even come to a close yet.

Gay Middle East congratulates Qatar and is happy the world cup is coming to our part of the world!  We hope Shiekh Mohammed Bin Hamad Al Thani and other Qataris will stop hiding behind homophobic statements masqueraded as astonishment and cries of discrimination. Raising serious concerns about how homosexuality is viewed and how LGBT individuals are treated is not an attempt to scapegoat. It is an attempt to try to get some important answers on an important human rights issue. If, instead of becoming defensive and insulting, Mr. Al Thani were to come forward with some legitimate answers and assurances, then attitudes towards Qatar holding the World Cup will begin to change. The games will be great; there is no doubt about it. Qatar will put on an excellent show. Let’s get the issues dealt with now so that in 12 years time there will be an inclusive World Cup worth celebrating by all.”

What a great story. I think I sepak for all of us in the ‘west’ when I say that we agree Quatar has the ability to put on a good show- now they will need to step up and change their laws to reflect being a true member of the world community.


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