About Me

This here little blurb, it's here for your reading pleasure and will pre-answer the 'hey, lookin' and many other questions. I took the time to write it, you should take the time to read it - even though I know most won't.

Married guy (yeah to a dude) - new friends and keepin up with old ones. Not a gay.com member, apparently there are one or more social apps that connect to that... Who knew.

Yes, I have pics and yes I'll even share. No, not a top, not even a little. That should answer a good deal of questions – great now that that's out-of-the-way…

You're looking, I'm usually not. So wtf are you here for is a common inquiry. Just the chitchat and occasional pic xchg if I feel like sharing. Who doesn't enjoy a pretty picture...

This is mainly a social thing for me, despite "the apps" being 95% hookup oriented I'm in that 5% of not usually. I'll chat with you and if that goes well for a period of time maybe even invite you out to drink whiskey, go to dinner, movies and other random out of the house activities that friends would do. Just don't be a f**ing dickbag and we'll get along fine.

I scuba, hike, bike, cook (fresh pasta, baked goods, etc etc have a deep love of time spent in the kitchen), have dogs, a love of travel and prefer coffee to beer most (most) days.

In conclusion, you've read this far and I'm still not looking. I also don't live on social apps so don't get all butthurt if I don't respond right away. It could be minutes, hours, days or even weeks at a time before I check or reply. I will respond, it's just the polite thing to do. That is unless you've broken the dickbag rule then probably not... A highly more likely scenario is the one where I'll just tell you to go F yourself with a 2x4 full of nails. Remember you're under no obligation to talk to me and that works in reverse. Don't like it? I don't give a F! - block me then.

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