Video Of The Week: John Grant – Glaciers

Connor Sobolik
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Connor Sobolik

January 22, 2014
9:08 a.m.

john_grant-e1387560836323I had one of my first ever interviews with John Grant a while back and he is a truly incredible gentleman. When he talks he gives off an air of wisdom that I have not since experienced and there is a somber and methodical way to how he speaks that makes you want to pay that much more attention. He has a thing about never smiling for a photo, which makes him look rather intimidating a lot of the time, but as soon as you meet him you will see that he is full of warm fuzzies. What I love about his music is  it’s rich history, Grant is a 46 year old gay  man living with HIV and has more than a few tales to tell about his personal struggles with alcoholism and sex addiction.

This time though, he is singing about inequality and asking his audience to watch some content that might be more than a little upsetting. What do you guyspyer’s think, is the message clear? Is it effective? Comment below.

If you want to read my interview with him, here’s the link! 


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