‘Tropico’ And What Makes It Gorgeously Gay!

Connor Sobolik
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Connor Sobolik

December 5, 2013
2:45 p.m.

tumblr_mxcrdxvnvi1r792bvo1_500Tropico is a 25 minute epic about the fall of man and societies return to it’s organic roots in The Garden of Eden. The tale follows Lana Del Rey through her journey from Eve, to stripper, to runaway, and all the many metaphors in between.

Watching the gorgeous spectacle we have been waiting-what feels like years for- I could imagine all the critics cringing as they thought of inventive ways to take down this work of art. It has everything from unicorns to spaceships and I just know people will compare a few of its scenes to Spring Breakers. That being said, in my personal opinion, the film is perfect and I could not have asked for anything more.

In the same way that reading ‘The Outsiders‘ is the best way to understand teens of the 1960’s and watching ‘Rebel Without A Cause‘ is the best way to wrap your head around rebellious youths of the 1950’s, this film exemplifies all the ideals of this aimless generation of 20-something-year-old children with a lust for freedom, adventure, and something so sublime.

So why do us gays love her so much? Since Adam and Steve us gays have been going GaGa over our female icons; be it Streisand, Streep, Beyonce, Madonna or Hepburn. Del Rey is no exception. She embodies all the perfect characteristics of a female idol full of prophetic tales about love, lust, and loss. Be her tale of a call girl past and her self proclamation of insanity fact or fiction, it is not uncommon for our icons to take on personas of a similar shade. We can’t help but believe her story and hope to hear more.

Lana in the hoodAlso there is her quotation of Allen Ginsberg. That scene where she laments about the break down of the boys and girls around her as she strips for the men in business suits, will probably too easily be credited to her. However, it is in fact a direct recitation of Ginsberg’s famous and iconic poem ‘Howl.’ He, 60 years ago, managed to exceptionally illustrate the state of society in a single poem that has proven to remain true for the current state of the world. Granted, when the poem was released it received huge controversy for it’s depictions of homosexual acts and his aggressive use of “pornographic language” such as “cunt”, “fucked in the ass”, and “cocksucker.”

So if the fact that it’s Del Rey doesn’t make it gay enough for you, there is a shit load of subtext to read into!

If you loved the film as much as I did, than you will be pleased to hear she has finally announced that we can expect a new album, Ultraviolent, in 2014. Feel free to hold your breath until than.

Here’s the full film:



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