Transgender Fairy Doll Hits Stores, Shocks Parents

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December 25, 2014
6:00 a.m.

Screen-shot-2014-12-24-at-9.43.43-AM-360x403Story Courtesy Of Graham Gremore

Parents in Argentina are freaking out after a female fairy doll with a penis appeared on toy store shelves. It has now been branded the world’s first transgender doll.

News about the doll broke after a mother claimed her three-year-old daughter discovered the penis under the doll’s skirt. She posted a picture of it on her Facebook account. The story quickly went viral, causing a stir across the country, before eventually turning into a worldwide pandemic among concerned parents.

The toy was made in China. It is unknown whether the penis was intentional on the part of the manufacturers or if was a factory defect, though we’re going to take a wild guess and say it wasn’t intentional.

The doll has sent shock waves across Argentina. Parents are now said to be debating whether or not the doll’s gender will somehow influence their children. The Daily Mail quotes one member of the public crying: “It’s very difficult to give an opinion because I’m conscious that it’s a taboo subject in society… but yes, obviously, it’s shocking.”

Meanwhile, Argentina’s transgender community and their allies have come out in support of the fairy doll.

Child psychologist Ricardo Rodulfo tells the Daily Mail that “it doesn’t matter to a child whether their toy has male genitalia or not. The idea causes more disturbance among adults.”

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