This Week In London: Top Gay Parties

Danny Hilton
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Danny Hilton
London Correspondent
November 14, 2013
10:17 a.m.

London this week is bursting with potential party options – from kinky and twinky, to Texas Whorehouse raunchy ranchy, and everything in between. Check out my top party picks for this weekend! Yee Haa!


Twisted Twink

The leather and fetish scene in London is one of the strongest (and horniest) on the planet, but it’s predominantly made up of guys over 30. Until now… Twisted Twink launches at tonight, a night made up solely for younger guys between 18 and 30. Make sure you bring some ID and leave your inhibitions at the door!

Dress code: Leather, rubber, Nasty Pig, PVC, skin, sports kit, chav. No plain jeans and trainers. 


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The epic Friday night party that is Onyx, returns to Vauxhall’s Area club this weekend for a Hollywood themed special. There’ll be glamour, hot boys, stage shows, VIPs and a soundtrack provided by some A-List scene DJs, including Lisa German, Terry Bryan and special guest Tony English.

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Little Gay Brother Presents… The Back Room

The only party worth thinking about tonight is this hoe-down at Dalston Superstore! From the awesome guys and girls behind some of the best bits of Secret Garden Party, comes this Texan Whorehouse themed event, with plenty of hot dancers, cowboys, Dolly Parton, sluts, whores, fetish boys and leather.

With music from the Meat Boys, poptastic Neil Prince, Ibiza’s Tim Fanucci and beardy wonderboy Chris Camplin, you’re sure to have a real good time. Look out for some fabulous performances. And a unicorn.


Free entry if you make an effort with your costume. £5 entry. 9pm – 4am



The Two Brewers: The Power Of Three

With Monday becoming an ever-closer grim reality, we could all do with a laugh. Clapham’s Two Brewers on a Sunday night is one of the most hilarious and fun parties in London, with a trio of terrific talent, from Miss Jason, La Voix and the ‘Whore of Hampstead Heath,’ Sandra (pictured). Watch out bitches, she will get you. And you’ll probably love it.


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