Gay L.A. Party Guide: Thanksgiving Weekend

Brad Hammer
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Brad Hammer
L.A. Community Manager
November 29, 2013
5:23 a.m.

It’s Thanksgiving Weekend so get your dancing shoes on and twerk away that Turkey Day!

Friday, November 29:

Sissy at Dragonfly


Check out the new night at DragonFly: “Sissy” This is the type of crowd that lets you be as big of a sissy as you want to be! It’s a more edgy crowd, I knew that as soon as I saw that shock alternative performer Squeaky Blonde will be taking the stage. Look this crazy bitch up on YouTube and you’ll see what I mean!

[youtube id=”ZoiUobHwL_E” width=”600″ height=”350″]


Saturday, November 29:

Get Lucky at Here Lounge


This night that packs the club from front to back.  There are rumors around town that Here Lounge is closing down for a month.  Why?  Apparently the city doesn’t like it when the strippers show their wieners and let patrons play with them.  I mean, we we all adults here, so who cares!  Anyway, Here Lounge did just redo their patio and if the rumors are true, then they need your support, so stop by!


Sunday, November 30:

Reflex at The Factory

This is an after hours party that starts Sunday morning at 2am and ends at 7am, just in time for church! This party is for all you circuit queens out there and all of you who really like to take the party to the next level.  After all that food on Thanksgiving, this is a perfect way to dance it all off!  In West Hollywood.




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