Tesco Supermarket Says Sorry For Gay Doll

Dan Littauer
Authored by
Dan Littauer

September 27, 2013
8:41 a.m.

London, UK – British supermarket chain Tesco, has withdraw from sale a doll labeled “The Inflatable g*y Best Friend” on Friday. It was said to “tell you if your bum looks big.”

It comes a day after the retailer was forced to remove a Halloween costume called “Psycho Ward” which drew criticism from many mental health campaigners.

Tesco marketed the ‘gay doll’ while censoring the word gay (by using g*y) as “suitable for children aged three to four and was an “amusing gift.”

“If SEX in the City and Will & Grace taught us anything, it’s that g*y best friends are in this season,” read the description of the product.

“We’ve had the manbag, we’ve had leg warmers and iPhone fever, now it’s time for the new craze.

“Although not much can be said for his own attire, your Inflatable g*y Best Friend is ready to give you fashion advice, tell you if your bum looks big and b**ch about everyone who doesn’t wear Jimmy Choo’s.”

A Tesco spokesperson said: “This product was uploaded to the website by a third party seller but was removed from sale immediately because we found it offensive.

“The webpage should have been removed at that time and we are looking into why it is still visible two months later.

“We have very clear guidelines for third party sellers who list items on our website, and are very sorry that on this occasion they weren’t followed.”

The product is available on Amazon’s website, which has so far, not apologised or taken it down.

Gay rights charity Stonewall chief Ben Summerskill said selling the item was “like trying to sell ice to Eskimos.”

He said: “We can’t imagine why any woman would choose to buy an inflatable gay best friend when there are two million of the real thing already available in modern Britain and most of them are much better looking than Tesco’s pale imitation.”

Tesco said it was “really sorry for any offence caused” by its “Psycho Ward” offering, which included a bright orange boiler suit.


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