Something For The Weekend: The Quirky, Sexy, DJ William Francis

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Jorge Gallegos
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November 15, 2013
3:47 a.m.

Something For The Weekend: Overly Sexy DJ William Francis

I’ve been Facebook friends with DJ William Francis for a while but I’d never met him or heard him play before until a few weeks ago when I saw him spinning at my favourite bar in the East Village in New York, Eastern Bloc.

I was not only mesmerised by his good looks but also by how the crowd responded to his tunes. From people ‘voguing’ to doing the ‘death drop,’ it was a mad house!

But how did this quirky handsome talent begin his career in the NYC nightlife? Well, let’s hear it from him…

Something For The Weekend: Overly Sexy DJ William Francis

Over to you DJ William Francis…

I feel like my DJ career in NYC is just beginning. It took a few years of going out hardcore and really getting to know the various scenes and DJs to really feel ‘a part of’ NYC nightlife. Frankie Sharp and WestGay were big influences on the shaping of my nighttime ‘personality.’ My DJ mother is Nita, and he’s been a great influence and is the best there is to learn how a crowd needs to be built up, worked over and broken down at the right times of the night. Will Automagic has been a great friend and inspiration as well.

So far I’ve been honing my skills at smaller spots like Eastern Bloc and The Cock. I played at Vandam a few weeks ago and got great feedback from the legendary DJ Johnny Dynell – so I think I’m on the right path.

I don’t think that I hear music the same as other people do, and I think that’s an important quality in a DJ to stand out from the rest of the pack. It’s also great to have been part of the scene and now I’m able to play for my friends and see what makes them go off.  My sisters in the House of LaBeija come to my gigs and I know if they are throwing down to what I’m playing then I’m ‘on.’

I made this mix for GuySpy to serve a little of each of his favorite current dishes: from some vocals to deep house to a little tech and just a touch of some gagable favorites! And since it’s a podcast I wanted to make something that you guys would enjoy just listening too, not just, y’know, to do cardio and shit too. LOL. By the way, I DJ at David Barton Gym also. Gotta keep those muscle queens motivated!

Something For The Weekend: Overly Sexy DJ William Francis

William Francis is playing at WestGay at Westway this Tuesday  (19th November) and every Tuesday in the VIP room. He’s at Vandam on December 1st.


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