Ryan Adamés: “Love Is Love Regardless Of Anything Else”

Danny Hilton
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Danny Hilton
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July 25, 2013
4:19 a.m.

I spoke to the lovely Ryan Adamés about his recent music and videos, speaking at Winter Music Conference, and his experiences as an out gay performer.

DH: So Ryan, where are you from and where are you now?

RA: Well I’m kind of like a gypsy so I’ve lived in a lot of places! *laughs* But I grew up in Southern California and I now reside in Los Angeles.

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DH: We’re loving the new video for “Silent Morning.” How did you become involved in the project?

RA: Thank you! It was an awesome project to be a part of. I knew Parralox through my management and I really loved their vibe musically. When I found out they were covering an 80s song I said, “sign me up!” It worked out because they just happened to be looking for another artist to feature on the track.

DH: Do you find it difficult being an openly gay performer?

RA: I think when I released my debut EP it was a little difficult for me, but now I’ve embraced my sexuality and a lot of my fan base are from the same community, so it kind of makes sense.

DH: We heard you were a guest speaker at Winter Music Conference this year?

RA: Yes! It was such an amazing event to be a part of! Having the opportunity to speak about my experiences was amazing. I shared the panel with a lot of industry professionals like Jessica Sutta, Bimbo Jones, and John from Parralox. It was fantastic to hear all of their stories and to share mine. I was able to talk about being in the LGBT community and it made me appreciate and inspire myself that much more.

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DH: Tell us about some of your inspirations, professionally and musically?

RA: One of my main inspirations has always been Michael Jackson. I started dancing as a kid because of him, and I just think, personal life aside, he is still the most influential artist of all time.

Musically I’ve been inspired by a lot of 80s and freestyle music, but rock music has always been something that I’m drawn to. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of new music, as well as some unknown artists from different genres. I feel like their passion is prominent in the music and that’s inspiring to me.

DH: Your most recent song and video is a Justin Bieber cover. Why did you want to cover him?

RA: I’m a fan of the Bieber. I think a lot of his music is great and I really wanted to take a catchy pop tune and turn it into something completely different, so I worked pretty hard on making it my own. It’s a great song as it is, but I made it more about love and feeling.

DH: Tell us about ‘that kiss’…

RA: Oh the kiss! *laughs* You know it’s always a lot more difficult during the filming while you have people watching you then how it actually looks. I wanted to take a risk, but mostly because I wanted to show a part of who I am, and well, liking boys is part of that. But I must say, it was great. It was excuse to make out with a beautiful guy, come on!

DH: What kind of message do you hope to put across with this video?

RA: I really hope to get this out, not only for equality, but also just for the message of love. Everyone can relate to the feeling of that, straight or gay and I want people to come away from the video, of course liking the song, but more so with the mentality that love is love regardless of anything else.

It’s a simple message but one that I haven’t really touched on in my music thus far. Hopefully it’ll give hope to some people that feel ashamed of being gay, or loving someone maybe their family doesn’t approve of.

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You can get the free download of “As Long As You Love Me” on Ryan’s Facebook page, in exchange for a Like!
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