Robbie Rogers: Behind The Scenes Pics From His Morning Work Out!

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January 15, 2015
6:01 a.m.

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Hot on the heels of releasing his first autobiography, Coming Out To Play, Robbie Rogers is starting his formal mid-season workouts with the L.A. Galaxy in a few weeks. Here, Rogers talks you through his workout routine to get back into “soccer shape”, a combination of yoga, boot camp, as well as interval and cardio training.


Pre-Workout: Fuel

“I drink a Shakeology shake for breakfast and immediately after workouts. I add a banana, peanut butter, ice, and almond milk. I make the best shakes, if you’re lucky enough to try one.”

Pre-Workout: Stretch

“My pre-workout stretch in the off-season is much different than when I’m in season. I do a yoga-based warm up with planks, and different glut activation exercises. I work on lunges and hip flexor stretches, and make sure I get a little sweat before I start my run.”

Workout 1: The Cooper Test

“I always run the Cooper Test, which is 2 miles in 12 minutes. I try to always focus on my form while I do it even though it’s really intense. If you’re a beginner or working towards 12 minutes, just start by running 2 miles as best you can, and work each week at shaving off time from that. You can also do this on a treadmill if you like but I prefer running outside.”


Workout 2: Sprints

“I set myself a short distance and then will do 10 consecutive sprints. In between, I walk back to the original spot to make sure I keep my heart rate still going. I don’t time myself here but I just focus on form and explosive power from the start. Soccer players are runners and it’s a game of sprints and changes of direction so this exercise starts to get your wheels moving to prepare for the season. If you’re doing this workout on a treadmill, do 10 intervals of 20 seconds of sprints (say, at 10–12 mph), and then 40 seconds of walking. Just be careful when you’re pressing buttons in the midst of a sprint!”


Workout 3: Core Workout

“I do a combination of planks, sit ups and back strengthening exercises. I start with forearm planks and hand planks, 2 minutes total, with a 30-second break in between.”


Workout 3: Core Workout

“Then I move to my back and do around 60 bicycles. From there I do another 200 sit ups, but I change it up between crunches, leg raises, and sit ups so it’s not just a regular sit up. Your core is what keeps you healthy and strong. If you have a strong core and base it’s hard to push you off the ball.”


Workout 4: Stair Steppers

“This is another explosive exercise that helps me with my speed and reminds me to drive my knees up. Similarly to sprints, I try to do 10 of these from bottom to the top and then walk down to the starting point. Be sure to keep your core activated, head up and knees high. You can also do this on a hill as an alternative. Sometimes I run the Manhattan Beach sand dune, which is actually a bit tougher. If you’re doing this on a treadmill, do 30 seconds at the highest incline and around 6mph, and then drop the incline to zero and walk for a minute and a half.”


Post-Workout: Stretch

“I do a yoga-based stretch after a workout, which consists of a series of warrior poses. Down dog, up dog, and different boat pulling poses. If you haven’t noticed, I really love yoga!”


Post-Workout: Rest

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