Pup Pics: All The Sexy Pups Strip Down To Get Dirty At The Eagle

Robert Paulson
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Robert Paulson
GuySpy Editor
December 1, 2014
6:02 a.m.

Hey boys, Robbie your editor here! I have yet to go to The Eagle but after seeing all of these sexy pup pics I should definitely be on the next bus. Enjoy!

Story Courtesy Of Matt Baume

Woof woof oink! Pup and gear pigs clustered at the Seattle Eagle last Friday for Arf!, a night of kink, fetish, bath house disco and sleazy dance tunes. Zak the Barber and Pup Kai hosted a frisky puppy pile, and DJs Tony Radovich and Nark kept the animals dancing all night.

These days, it seems like gay bars are an endangered species, with all the good old gritty hole-in-the-wall dives closing up shop. Nice to see the gays can still break out their harnesses and work up some musk when the occasion calls for it.

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