Paris, je t’aime!

Charlie David
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Charlie David

March 27, 2011
6:11 p.m.



I guess seeing as this is my first GuySpy blog and that it’s a blog about my life around the globe – it’s only fitting that I’m starting in one of my favorite cities – Gay Paris.  Seriously, I’ve been to a lot of places and there’s something extremely swishy about the French capital.  Not that all the boys are swishy – after all the likes of (Mature Content Alert!) Francois lurk hungrily in the alleys of Paris… along with hopefully the boys from Dieux du stade 2010.  


My first time in Paris was to shoot an episode of my travel series Bump which focuses on LGBT friendly destinations.  Bump!: The Best of Europe  I had long hair and a carefree spirit… I’ve been back to Paris a few times for work – and this is my first time for play.  I’m loving it!  I rented an apartment from Absolu Living, a company that specializes in renting flats to LGBT clientele like moi.  Okay so quite possibly the most interesting and strange experience so far has been the recommendation of a gym by my friendly guide Hélene at Absolu.  She said I’d love it… and I do but I was a little scared at first.  Upstairs is a fully equipped lovely gym with plenty of inspirational posters of boys from Tetu.  


And then post workout I had changed out of my gear and was looking for the showers when I stumbled down this spiral staircase into a Labyrinth minus David Bowie but plus darkness, showers, private cabins, steam rooms and well… you get the idea.  I had no idea the French were so creative in their business pursuits.  If you’d like to check it out while in Paris it’s right by the Louvre and is appropriately named Gym Louvre.


It’s now 3:30am – my internal clock is still somewhere between Africa and Laguna Beach time from my last three weeks of travel.  At any rate it’s time for bed which is also known as a date with the next episode of Glee, Vol. One: Road to Sectionals.


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