Brad Hammer’s Top 10 Favorite Videos of 2013

Brad Hammer
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Brad Hammer
L.A. Community Manager
December 31, 2013
12:56 p.m.

Thank you to GuySpy for asking me to pick my favorite videos that I directed in 2013.

Every video I did this year was really an honor to work on. I feel like I have the best job in the world! These videos have close to 5 million views (youtube and vimeo) and as long as you keep watching, I will keep making them!

Check out my picks for the top 10 below and let me know which ones are your favorite.

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10.  Petit Q

This was my first time working with Petit Q and the video went viral and fast! It already has over 800,000 views in only a couple weeks and it crashed the company’s website. My favorite thing!


9.  Happy Birthday

I love the super sappiness and cuteness of this video. Sam Garfield and Patrick Hartigan are two of my favorite boys to work with and their adorable friend Russel was the perfect addition.


8.  Perfect Birthday

It was great to show my romantic side for a minute, but don’t get used to it! LOL. Brandon Bronco and Jaxon Colt had great chemistry, which was sort of shocking because Brandon is a straight boy.


7.   Bottoming 101

Willam had me laughing so hard during this video shoot that I literally almost had to leave the room. She is a comedic genius and it was a complete pleasure to work with her.  Thank you Willam!


6.  After School Special

Now don’t get me wrong, any time Brandon Wertz has a jock strap on, I am going to love the video, but for me Pandora Boxx steals the show. Jeff White’s (owner of Andrew Christian) idea to have her sniff glue still has me laughing! Thank you Jeffrey Sanker and White Party!


5.  Gimme Five

This was my first video for Next Door Studios and the hottest group of guys I worked with at that studio. It was the perfect balance of fun and sexy. Thank you Next Door Studios!


4.  Miami Car Wash

We had a total blast during this shoot. Being in Key West with these boys will be a memory I will never forget.


3. Bougie

This was my first video after my Andrew Christian days. It was a great feeling to have so much love and support from my friends who did this video. Thank you to Jessi Malay for letting us feature your song!


2.  Blonde Bitches part 2

I came up with the concept for this series from the Bougie video!  Watch that video and see if you can figure it out… We all fell in love with Austin, Texas. The new episode comes out in a few days. Thank you GuySpy and Castro’s Warehouse!


1. Overboard

All I can say about this video is that everything went right. Most of the video was thought up literally on the spot and I feel like it was just one of those magic moments. Plus, you cannot beat the fact that Cher made it her video for “Take It Like A Man.” Talk about a dream coming true! Thank you Island House – Key West!




Anonymous User
Daniel (Guest)
7 years, 4 months ago

Thank you for this post and those great work you did and for more awesome new videos on 2014!

Anonymous User
colorful kent (Guest)
7 years, 4 months ago

The one NDS video stands out as the “straightest”. It’s all those fake gay models at NDS who can’t really give it like the gay ones. I love the other ones. Andrew Christian really knows how to celebrate gay sexuality.