London Grammar’s Music Lesson (EP Review)

Connor Sobolik
Authored by
Connor Sobolik

August 13, 2013
5:05 p.m.

london_grammar_videoIf you thought that Birdy was good at bringing you down then you have no idea what else is in store for you. With the release of London Grammar’s new EP, Metal & Dust, comes another opportunity to jump into the arms of an ambient songstress and her unrelenting sorrow. I found the group by way of social media and came to the natural conclusion that their music was a little to0 depressing for the general public. Upon a second listening I found out just what makes them so incredibly loveable. A song masked as a heart-wrenching remembering of all the things that seem to hurt too much is also full of hope and an unexpected amount of closure. That is not to say that their EP won’t still bring you to tears… if you let it.

Straight up, these guys are probably one of the most chill groups you will ever come across. The music could easily fade into the background of whatever you are doing, but it will also take you over entirely if you give it enough attention. It got mine.


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