Real Guy of the Week: Mr. Gay Mexico

Rikki Reque
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Rikki Reque

May 9, 2013
2:25 p.m.

If you’re still craving some Cinco de Mayo treats (the chiseled, tall, dark, and handsome kind), you will definitely enjoy this post.

Miguel for GuySpy by Julius Reque

Our Real Guy  Miguel. Buenos Noches!

A few months ago I was traveling in Mexico City, an antique, beautiful metropolitan area with friendly, affectionate people. Although Mexico is a deeply conservative country reigned by the Catholic Church, people now are more accepting of gays, especially after same-sex marriage was legalized in 2010.

Mexico City Skyline

I checked my GuySpy app while in Distrito Federal and was pleased to see a lot of gay men in the city. I chatted with Miguel, a dark haired, brown-eyed and pouty-lipped guy… and no sooner than later we were meeting in my hotel lobby for a photoshoot.

Miguel is bright, warm, and very friendly. What I didn’t know at first is that he is also the reigning Mr. Gay Mexico and was a few days away from flying to another city to transfer the title. I was grateful that he still managed to meet up, and more impressed with his passion in supporting the gay community. Here’s a rundown of our chat:

Name: Miguel Espinosa

GuySpy Handle: miguel_angel29

Age: 25
Height:  6″
Occupation/Profession: Nutritionist
Your City (or Favorite City): Distrito Federal, Mexico

How do you spend your leisure time?
I dedicate myself to relax, my best hobby is the gym, I disconnect from the world. Walking on the Reforma street with a Starbucks in hand is another good alternative, read a good book at night also.

Photographed by Julius Reque

How do you get “in the zone”? (whatever that may be for you!)
For me being “in the zone” is to be myself, to be with people I like, feel comfortable with what I do and how I look. If you feel good, you look good and you project the best.

Share something random about you:
Mmm… I am single now! Hahaha.

What did you want to be when you were a kid, and how close to being that are you now?
I wanted to be a pediatrician (I believe I was in love with my pediatrician), and today I’m not 100% in the area of health care for children, but work in the area of health.

Miguel adds, “I have no personal agenda, I let go of the day, all my duties are in my mind, I’m very organized so I never did lack. I greatly believe in love, and understood the love in every aspect; family, friends, and couples. I am passionate about social causes and involving the gay community. In 2012 I launched a campaign in support of my family and friends to combat homophobia. It was entitled, “Act Together Against Homophobia.”


To you, Miguel, the best of luck. Keep being the positive role model that you are! 

And to all the single guys out there: You heard it, Miguel is single (I bet not for long!), so leave him a message in the response section below and, who knows, you might get your post-Cinco de Mayo treat after all.


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JathanR (Guest)
8 years ago

What a handsome man! Not my cup of tea but he does have a gorg smile! 🙂

Anonymous User
ryanis (Guest)
8 years ago

hyee,,i”m 14 years old but i very likes to be gay

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xxxr (Guest)
8 years ago

if you wish uwill be

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scream123 (Guest)
8 years ago

yeah rt

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mohamed-daoudi (Guest)
8 years ago

Hoooi als goed wil ge pijpt woorde e

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Nery92 (Guest)
8 years ago

ufffffff… super interesantes

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CTR1987 (Guest)
8 years ago

Now here is a guy you could just melt in his arms and just fall in love with.

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travelnut (Guest)
8 years ago