‘World War Z’: Zinger or Just Zzzzzz? Jay Catterson Reviews

Jay Catterson
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Jay Catterson

June 25, 2013
3:12 p.m.


The zombie apocalypse is upon us, and it’s up to Brad Pitt to save the world! That’s the basic premise of World War Z, based on the bestselling book by Max Brooks (yes, the son of comedian Mel Brooks), and directed by Marc Forster (Quantum of Solace). Does this zombie flick fill you zeal, or does it just zap you of your time and money? Read on!

The Good: Oh my gawd, this flick is scary! The pacing of the film is fast and filled with anxiety-ridden suspense. It’s a thrill ride of epic movie proportions. The zombies themselves are lightning fast, and the pandemic only takes 12 seconds to turn a normal human being into a vicious, bloodthirsty, demon of destruction! Surprisingly enough for a zombie flick, there’s not a lot of blood and gore. All the shock and suspense is delivered in the action, and the movie doesn’t resort to cheap ploys to make you feel nauseous. Brilliant!

The Gay: Pitt as U.N. veteran Gerry Lane. His chiseled jawline and He-Man-esque hairstyle exudes hot daddy realness. His hair is so lovely it seems like Forster got Mariah Carey’s wind machine just to accentuate the beautiful mane. There are also some fine specimens of military might, lead by the scrufftacular James Badge Dale (Iron Man 3) as Captain Speke, with the cute Matthew Fox (Lost, Party of Five) in tow. Plus, Daniella Kertesz gets her buzzcut G.I. Jane on with her portrayal as Israeli soldier Segen. Fierce!

The Bad: The pacing is so lightning quick that it leaves little to no room for any character development. Because of this, the supposedly loving bond between Gerry and his wife, Karin (Mireille Enos), just isn’t there. Actually, Enos was kind of annoying. Also, the film could’ve been funnier, but that’s just a minor quibble.

The Fugly: The 3D, apart from one scene that scared the beejeebus out of me, is rather pointless. (Note to self: During a zombie apocalypse, do not give a satellite phone to a loved one because it will thwart your plans to save the world.

Zinger or Zzzzz? World War Z is a great addition to the zombie genre and a guaranteed summer blockbuster thrillride. This ain’t no languid snoozefest; this will get your heart racing in no time. Run (no walking!) to the cineplex and catch all its zombie-filled glory before it’s too late!

The Grade: A-


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zombieboy (Guest)
7 years ago

A-??? Wow! That is awesome! I cannot wait to see it! I am a HUUUUGE zombie fan!!!

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bigdaddyd872 (Guest)
7 years ago

i no right