Jonathan Jongo Zeizel: 10 Things About Sam Smiths Model Boyfriend

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January 7, 2015
6:00 a.m.

Story Courtesy Of Julien Sauville

It’s official: Sam Smith is no longer single, and he happens to be dating a total cutie named Jonathan “Jongo” Zeizel.

The singer made it official via Instagram over the New Year weekend while vacationing with his new boyfriend in Sydney, but we first took notice of Jongo when our sister site featured him last year.

Looks like the “Stay With Me” singer got there first. Still, let’s get to know Jonathan a little better.

1. He’s 23, lives in New York, and sometimes goes by the name “Jongo”.

Photo: Instagram @kidjongo

2. He’s a model: You saw him in the pages of Out in the “Spectrum” fashion editorial, styled by Diesel creative director Nicola Formichetti.
Click here to see the full editorial.

Photo: Danielle Levitt for Out.

3. He’s also a dancer and a choreographer. 
The magazine Dazed & Confused featured one of his dance videos. Click here to watch. 
Photo: Kevin Amato

4. He used to work as a sales assistant at Opening Ceremony, and began modeling for the brand’s website.

5. He looks hot in gym shorts.
Exhibit A.

Photo: Ignacio Torres.

6. In 2012, he was one of the cute single men featured in the ads for the social network Badoo.Remember those? 

Photo: Instagram @kidjongo

7. He met Sam Smith while working as an extra on the singer’s video “Like I Can.”
Watch it here:

8. But six months ago he was lipsynching to Sam Smith’s “Restart” on YouTube. 

Small world!

9. He’s BFF with the singer Maluca
We love Maluca!

Photo: Instagram @kidjongo

10. And his dad is kinda sexy, too.
Good genes!

Photo: Instagram @kidjongo

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