HIV ‘Positive Youth’ Doc on LOGO May 19th

Charlie David
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Charlie David

May 18, 2012
4:33 p.m.

LOGO announced the new season lineup for their critically acclaimed Logo Docs <>. Returning to explore the worlds of innovators and outsiders through stories that fascinate and inspire, the season kicked off with the world premiere of Legalize Gay on May 5th. The series will roll out premieres every Saturday night for six weeks and feature an expanded slate of films appealing to a wide range of viewer interests. Focusing on imaginative and relevant issues, rewarding struggles, and journeys of discovery, each documentary captures the hearts of people and passion of the subjects found in the everyday world around us.

Positive Youth, featuring HIV+ youth across N. America, will have its world premiere this Saturday, May 19th, at 8 p.m. EST/PST. Whoopi Goldberg (The View) recently stated, “This is a very important documentary, this isn’t over and it’s affecting our youth.”

This season of Logo Docs includes:
Legalize Gay, May 5, 8 PM ET/PT (WORLD PREMIERE): This film puts a face to the struggle of LGBT equality and what outspoken supporters are doing to change the hearts and minds of people from all walks of life. Focusing on the next generation of young activists as well as some high-profile straight allies like Ben Cohen, Miss New York Clair Buffie, and Zach Wahls, Legalize Gay not only captures the challenges they face, but their pride and passion for change as well. (60 minutes)

Youth Knows No Pain, May 12, 8 PM ET/PT (NETWORK PREMIERE): America is known for its obsession with youth and beauty, but just how far will people go to stay looking young? The aging daughter of a plastic surgeon seeks to find the answer, taking a quest across the country to visit doctors, patients, and everyone in between to discover their secrets to taut faces and flawless skin. Some will go further than others to achieve their perfect “look,” but how long is it until the magic fades for good? (120 minutes)

Positive Youth, May 19, 8 PM ET/PT (WORLD PREMIERE): It’s been three decades since the advent of the AIDS crisis in America, but for the youth today, living with the disease doesn’t have to be a death sentence. Four 20-somethings across the country, all affected by HIV, offer no-holds-barred access to their lives to reveal how they’re not only coping with the disease, but rising above it. (60 minutes)

Worst in Show, May 26, 8 PM ET/PT (NETWORK PREMIERE): Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder! The annual “Worlds Ugliest Dog Contest” in Petaluma, California, pits beastly dogs against each other in a twist on the typical dog show. Tempers flared last year when perennial ugly winner Rascal was beaten by a rescue dog named Pabst. But this year, Rascal and his owner are back with a vengeance as they face off against Pabst once again. Watch the rivalry unfold and see who wins “Worst in Show.” (60 minutes)

The Antics Roadshow, June 2, 8 PM ET/PT (US PREMIERE): Pranksters, unite! From the attention-seeking to the seriously politically motivated, the goal of these urban jokesters is to create anarchy and general confusion, or maybe just a laugh at the expense of the unsuspecting public. Produced by famed street artist Banksy, The Antics Road Show is a look at some of the most innovative and playful hijinks in recent history. (60 minutes)

T-Shirt Stories, June 9, 8 PM ET/PT (US PREMIERE): What can you find in virtually every store, in every size, and in every color? T-Shirts, of course! But does anyone really think about why T-Shirts became so popular? Whether we wear them to be fashionable, to make a statement, or just because they’re comfy, the T-Shirt is here to stay. Check out interviews with American Apparel founder Dov Charney, songwriter Daniel Johnston, internet personality Johnny Makeup, and graffiti artist Earsnot as they reveal the wide impact of the garment on popular culture in fashion, music, and street artistry. (60 minutes)


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