GuySpy’s Man of the Month: The Ten Hunks of Christmas

David Toussaint
Authored by
David Toussaint
New York Guyd/Features Writer
December 15, 2012
5:22 p.m.

In the past, GuySpy’s Man of the Month has featured everyone from buffed porn stars to nerdy/hot bookworms, a guy who makes art with his penis and a Middle Eastern Internet fitness sensation. This month we decided to give you a little extra something with your sugar cookies.

With the help of sexy-Santa photographer Michael Stokes, who just released the oversized coffee table book Masculinity (the dudes are so big they had to expand the tome), we’re celebrating the Ten Days Leading Up to Christmas by offering up ten men sure to make your stocking stuffer wish list.

There’s one guy for each day, so start at the beginning and savor each gift. Or, if you’re like most of us, rip all the packages open right away and get to the good stuff. ‘Tis the season for giving, and boy do these men deliver.

10. FRANK. A sweatshop never looked so good. Time to knead the dough and watch everything rise.


9. VINCE. Who doesn’t love to play a little ball while the meat’s getting stuffed. And this guy looks like an amazing wide receiver.


8. ANTHONY. Stokes says he’s been inspired by photographers like Rick Day and Justin Monroe. We’re inspired, and blindsighted, by this.


7. MILES. Looks like the Fleet Meat is in. Grab us some Mistletoe, quick!


6. BILLY. There are over 45 models in Stokes’ book, and more than 120 pages of photos. Although some of the men pop out, we thought we’d go behind the scenes with this shot.


5. JARED. Jesus Christ he’s hot! No re-gifting this year.


4. MATT. Mr. Stokes thinks we’ve been awfully good this year, for this photo’s a bonus image not in the book. Remember, ride responsibly.


3. JASON. This wet dream is brought to you in black and white and scruff all over. It’s time to do some serious lip-reading.


2. GUISSEPE. Color him gorgeous. While Stokes is fascinated with Composite Images (where a model is dropped into a different background), sometimes he’d rather let the portrait stand alone. This solo shooter is a perfect example of why it works so beautifully.


1. QUENTIN. A body to die for.


–And to all, a really good night.



To purchase Michael Stokes’ Masculinity, visit Visit facebook for more information on Michael Stokes.


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