Golden Girls: We’re This Close To An Official Lego “Golden Girls”

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Guest Guyd
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April 8, 2015
6:00 a.m.


Why there isn’t already a Lego version of America’s favorite geriatric gal pals is beyond me, but luckily Sam Hatmaker isn’t asleep behind the wheel. The intrepid New Yorker built a scale model of the iconic set from The Golden Girls and has submitted it for official Legos consideration:

It has been meticulously recreated to have opening cupboards and fridge in the kitchen, Wicker Sofa and Chairs, a hallway backdrop, a storage closet in the kitchen, and an outdoor area with potted plants and a hose.

The only thing missing are a pair of Lego culottes for Dorothy and, naturally, the lanai. Where are they going to have their mojitos and play naughty bachelorette games every time one of them gets engaged? — which, as true fans of the show know, is pretty often.

Below, check out some classic GG scenes rendered in Lego by this hero among heroes and vote, dammit. Vote, vote, vote!:

Dorothy grabbing that dough

grab that dough

golden girls lego 6

Rose’s frozen head dream

frozen heads

golden girls lego 5

Rose snatching her teddy bear from Jenny Lewis, the most evil Girl Scout in herstory

teddy lewis

golden girls lego 1

That time Rose shot Blanche’s vase and almost poor Lester

shoot lester

golden girls lego 3

And of course, Dorothy and Sophia as Sonny and Cher

sonny and bea

golden girls lego 4

Les Fabian Brathwaite, travelin’ down the road and back again. 



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