Get Your SPY Glasses On!

Rikki Reque
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Rikki Reque

March 30, 2011
10:13 a.m.


This year, I decided to check out the local men through the lens! As a photographer my subjects are usually natural and urban landscapes, but I teamed up with GuySpy to expose (no pun intended!) YOU! We want to feature professional guys like 


you and get to learn more about your lifestyle, point of views and your role in the community. This is your chance to promote your business, make a statement, or express your agenda to the rest of us. If you are a professional guy around 20-45 we’ll create a mini portfolio for you complete with your bio and high quality photos!    

SPY'd Blog sample photo


You can also submit your images and fill out the short bio below to be featured in the SPY’d Blog! So, I’m calling out to all men: Gay, Straight, Bi and everything else in between – contact us and we’ll put YOU in the spotlight!

Here’s your SPY’d BIO SHEET:

Fill in as much as you want and have FUN with it!

Name _______________________ GuySpy screen name: __________________

Name _______________________ GuySpy screen name: __________________

Age _________ Height __________


Your city (or your favorite city) _________________________
How do you spend your leisure time? __________________________
How do you get in “the zone”? _______________________
Share something Random about you: ___________________________
What did you want to be when you were a kid and how close to being that are you now?


Do you have a personal agenda?
Believe in something that you are passionate about?
Is there something you want the community to know?
If there’s *anything* at all you want to rant about, this is a good place to start!




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