Gaymer Guyd: Best Games of 2012

Dru the Intern
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Dru the Intern

December 9, 2012
1:26 a.m.

2012 is the best year for games, and all of the most anticipated games have been finally launched. It is the year for gaymers, as the change of views from many gaming companies have put their foot down to support the gay community of the gaming world. Thank you Microsoft, EA Games, and Zynga Games for supporting gay rights. Anyways, check out below for the best games of the year. Click on the pictures to go to the official website of each game.

10. Slender the Eight Pages An indie game that was created around the Slenderman Mythology. This game is based around the views of the ARG (Alternate Reality Gaming) Project of Marble Hornets. It is a beta game, and it was made for testing, until the game itself was released in June. The game was the biggest talk of the 2012 year, and many people have nightmares after playing it. The official game is currently being worked on, and it will be released next year. Gamers, keep your eyes peeled for the official, and improved, version coming out in 2013.

9. Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward The continuation of 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, 9 Doors. This time Zero is back with a vengeance. The story line is also different, with references from the last game. The same play style but this time on the 3DS with a 3D graphics and better cut scenes. As usual, this game will control the gamer and bring them into a different dimension. The details were closely worked on, so there will be more blood, gore, and, of course, hotter guy characters. This game deserves its spot in #9 for best games of the year.

 8. Pokemon White/Black 2 Pokemon is back with another 5th-generation game. This time the game has a lot of added features for end game. The Pokemon franchise experimented with more 3D additions. One of the biggest fandoms in the gaming universe has gotten this game to #8 on this list.

7. Street Fighter X Tekken Finally a Street Fighter game with the Tekken franchise. This is one of the biggest collaborations of this year. The game has one of the best 2D fighting graphics ever. The 3D enhancement in 1080p just looks lovely. Capcom has kept all the styles of fighting, and there are barely any fighting clones, except for Pacman. This game has deserved its spot at #7.

 6. Torchlight 2 The second game by Runic Games. All the bugs from Torchlight have been fixed. A brand new story line, with the same world, and more adventures and quests. Torchlight 2 is co-op mode too! Simple controls, and a very good RPG game. This time there are more burly and hot characters to play. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Congratulations Runic Games for getting #6 on this year’s list.

5. Fatal Frame: Project Zero 2   The remake of Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly for the Nintendo Wii. Only released in Europe and Japan, this game has brought back so many nightmares for gaymers. There is one addition to this remake: the “searching” function. This changes the camera angle of the game and gives it more suspense and more horror. This is the best horror survival game of this year. Congratulations Konami on such a successful game.

4. Mass Effect 3 The return of Shepherd and the story goes on for the legacy of Mass Effect 3. As usual, this game has brought back choices of the storyline and the lengthy game play. The graphics and the gameplay cannot be compared to other games as this is mainly based on storyline. As usual, the voice acting is seriously one of the best of all games for 2012; the voice actors feature Michael Hogan, Keith David, and Yvonne Strahovski. Such an amazing ending to the game and it was needed. Mass Effect 3 deserves the 4th place for this year.

 3. Guild Wars 2 The most anticipated game of the year. This time Guild Wars 2 has better graphics, new world, and amazing cut scenes. There may be bugs, but they are not really that noticeable. But the best thing is that the game has so many gay characters within the game. The developers purposely did this, as their company has a lot of gaymers, and the market has been increasing demand for gay characters. Thank you Guild Wars 2 for giving the gay community a place to play in the MMORPG world. A well deserved spot for #3.

2. Halo 4  The continuation of the Halo series! Another amazing and stunning game for the typical gamer. The Chief is back  and this time he’s not going down without a fight. The movielike cinematics are amazing in this game. A game filled with free play, amazing graphics, movie-like cinematics, and stunning controls has won the spot of 2nd place for this year’s best games.

 1. Diablo 3 Blizzard has created another timeless piece. Even though there were small hiccups along the way, no one can argue the stunning graphics, the fun game play, and the real money auction implementation. The game is updated every other week, and it changes the meta. This game deserves its spot at #1 for the year of 2012. Well done Blizzard.


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