Gay Pirates!

Morris Chapdelaine
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Morris Chapdelaine

January 21, 2011
6:23 a.m.

I first posted this video about 10 weeks ago. How could I not? Great tune, cute guys and GAY pirates. Yup. You heard me right. Gay pirates!gay pirates kissing

The video- low budget, campy, humorous and moving got some attention on Youtube but didn’t go very far. The theme is indeed different to say the least but, as usual, Cosmo’s idea and lyrics pack a powerful punch. It’s the story of a doomed love affair between two pirates who end up walking the plank rather then denying their feelings.

What’s exciting is that the video and song are now getting some celebrity attention. Graham Norton is a fan, so too is Brian Eno, who hails Cosmo “A one in a million artist”, while Paul Gambaccini commented: “The theme is inspirational, if I still had a Radio 1 Record of the Week, this would be it!”

“I wanted to do something that gives the subject of homosexuality grounding in history,” explains Cosmo. “I chose pirates because you think of them as being totally macho and resilient, capable of survival against the odds.

“But, of course, in those days gay love wouldn’t stand a chance.

“It’s also to do with the fact that people of my social bracket don’t consider the ‘love’ element being the same as in a heterosexual relationship – the fact is that these guys are genuinely in love and they realise that death is the only way they can be together.

“However, it’s written as a folky up-tempo pop song with a ‘yo ho’ chorus that people will find fun and catchy even if they don’t listen to the lyrics.”

The single has been play-listed on BBC6 Music, XFM, Q Radio and NME TV…but perhaps the biggest impact is coming from the web- and websites like

What do you think of the song and video? I think it’s a tragic but lovely story- and one worthy of some celebrity attention.

My only hope is that it doesn’t bring back the ‘pirate shirt’!



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