Danny Hilton Goes Wild In London With Little Gay Brother Presents

Danny Hilton
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Danny Hilton
London Correspondent
November 25, 2013
5:54 a.m.

Last weekend I decided to try out a new gay party in London, from perhaps the most exciting UK promo-team of 2013, Little Gay Brother Presents… They’ve become famous for awesome themed parties, from slumber parties (PJs encouraged) to gym-themed parties (lets get physical) and a crazy laundrette disco called ‘Powders,’ that took the UK festival scene by storm this summer!

Their latest party was a Texan Whorehouse themed hoedown called ‘The Back House.’ With a suggested dress code of cowboys, whores, leather and fetish – I just had to be there.

Here’s me getting into my slutty cowboy costume!

cowboy montage

When I arrived at Dalston Superstore in East London, the place was packed out. There were dancers on the bar, cowboys and leather daddies. There were also plenty of hoes – but that could be Dalston Superstore any weekend!



There were some great live performances, including a very special PA by the one and only Dolly Parton!



Some of these hoes just wouldn’t take no for an answer… Sorry girls, I think this one’s gay…


And probably this one too…


I was really getting into character! Everyone wanted to play with my weapon. And for the record, it just a plastic water/vodka pistol…


The music was Yee-Haa-terrific in the main room downstairs with DJ Chris Camplin (left).

While poptastic DJ Neil Prince kept things going upstairs.


The crowd was gorgeous!


With plenty of steamy hoe-down action downstairs, from the bathroom…


To the DJ booth!


And if you couldn’t be at the party, here’s one of Chris Camplin’s awesome Little Gay Brother Presents sets!


Check out the Little Gay Brother Presents facebook page for more pics and for info on upcoming parties and events in London and the UK.



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