Colton Ford’s European Vacation

Colton Ford
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Colton Ford

August 8, 2013
6:05 p.m.

coltonIMG_1013So I just got back from visiting Paris and Amsterdam. What a trip, literally and figuratively! My friends Tim and Bob got engaged, I visited Versailles, and I biked all through the streets of Paris and Amsterdam, at times, for my life! I don’t like biking next to moving cars, period! Although it was a great way to get around and take in the sights. And what sights.

Paris is truly magical. It’s surreal at times. It’s a visual thing, an energy thing, and a history thing. Major, as almost everything seems to be there. I mean the streets are lined with statues, any of which could be museum pieces. And to walk on the same streets, or be in the same structures, as all the people we have learned about in our history studies at school; it’s crazy.

Another crazy thing is the depth of detail, ornateness, intention, and riches displayed all over Paris. It’s profound and almost too much to wrap your brain around at times. Versailles. Jesus Christ! Unbelievable on every level, including the fact that people actually lived there. The opulence and extreme wealth displayed in every nook and cranny is truly remarkable. You can understand why the Revolution happened, and why people were so enraged. The few were living so ridiculously well, while the masses were starving. That will never last…anywhere and in any time. Hello.

Amsterdam. Ah Amsterdam. Let’s find ourselves a little coffeehouse, take a puff and just ponder, shall we? What a beautiful, tranquil, easy-going place to be. Everyone was so nice and kind, and that was really refreshing. If you have the slightest look of confusion on your face, you can bet that someone will come up to you and offer help. The canals are beautiful and charming, and the pride experience there was the most celebratory, joyful, all-inclusive pride experience I think I’ve had. Gay, straight, young, old, all coming together and enjoying the celebration. So cool, and the way it should be!

Another thing that was wonderful and refreshing about pride in Amsterdam was that the parties over the weekend were reasonably priced, like 20 euros or so each. I’m all good with people making a profit, but here in the states when you have parties that take place during a Pride Weekend that are at least $90 or more per event, it gets to be ridiculously costly. It certainly makes it feel like people are taking advantage of our desire to celebrate as opposed to trying to support it.

I do need to give a shout to Tony Moran, who spun at the Rapido party at Paradiso in Amsterdam on Sunday. He rocked the house and spun our single, which sounded amazing in that space and with that system! Thanks Tony! Au revoir, Paris et Amsterdam.

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