Colton Ford Gives Thanks

Colton Ford
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Colton Ford

November 28, 2013
9:03 a.m.

CF 4-1altAs we get closer to 2014, I’m closing out the final chapter of 2013. I think at times we can get so distracted that we forget to take in everything that’s happening around us and stay in the moment. Observing what we see, hear and feel, and truly take it in. That’s something I’ve worked very hard at doing, especially this year.

I can always see the possibilities. Even though there are obstacles, I can see the ways to work through them, and then I show up and do the work! My nature is hopeful, and what I’m consciously trying to do is to stay protective of that and of my caring nature. To attract positive energy and those people who are able to respect and honor those qualities, and not abuse them or diminish them. That’s not always the easiest thing to do in the world we live in.

The people who stay in my life are people who are conscious and figuring things out. Authentic people who see themselves and see me. Who are operating from a state of being present. Who don’t have anything clouding their ability to be who they are, and own themselves and their actions. People who make my life that much better by their just being in it. A truly reciprocal relationship.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for all of my relationships. Those that happened for a reason, those that happened for a season, and those that are for a lifetime. I have taken in the lessons, and as I go along I’m getting more conscious of staying in my bliss, and what I need to do in order to remain there!

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Anonymous User
FordFan (Guest)
7 years, 3 months ago

What a lovely message! Thank Colton, always a pleasure to read your articles 🙂

Anonymous User
David (Guest)
7 years, 2 months ago

Colton, who are you kidding, we all know you left Angelo in the hospital when he needed you most. Sounds like you are the one who needs a little more work! This post sounds as narcissistic as it comes. Pathetic!