Christian González Packs His Packed Lunch Underwear

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The Underwear Expert

October 15, 2015
5:00 a.m.

Nobody packs a lunch quite like Australia’s luxury men’s underwear designer, Lunch. Their Packed Lunch Collection is made from a light weight fabric that’s perfectly suited for the active man’s lifestyle, and equally suited for a fashionable man’s aesthetic.

The Packed Lunch Collection features form fitted trunks and briefs available in vibrant colors. Each variation is designed with masculine blocks of color and incorporates clean lines and details into the look. These underwear have the attitude and feel of a standard masculine brief or trunk, but with a little bit of Lunch innovation added in.

Packed Lunch underwear is all about pairs that are designed to fit, accentuate, and support with a focus on superior comfort while holding onto a classic masculine style. The end result is a line of underwear that supplies optimal quality and durability – and a line that looks so good they’ll become pairs you want to show off in.

Who better to showcase the Packed Lunch line than model Christian González? Christian’s body is sculpted to perfection, epitomizing strength and emanating masculinity. While on the beach, the vibrance of each piece in the Packed Lunch Collection is displayed beautifully and in the natural sunlight.

Each radiant color compliments Christian’s confident personality. The unique ‘Lunch’ trimming waistband accents his lower abs flawlessly, while forming to his hips like a second skin. Each piece has a design that provides a visually enhanced look, which Christian does a great job of showing off. With its breathable, light weight cotton and stretch fabric, Packed Lunch underwear is perfect for active men like Christian. The underwear’s breathable wearability and versatility is proven effective in this Packed Lunch photo shoot.

You can see more of this photoshoot on The Underwear Expert.

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Photo Credit: Gustavo Álamo, MDZ

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