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February 28, 2011
3:54 p.m.

I Know you all missed me so! I was travelling in India for 3 weeks and got back last Friday. I caught something very, very insidious on the flight home and have been dealing with that. Today I can actually smell again, which is nice. I will post more on that later with full photo log.

So much to talk about! Lets starts with Egypt. Fucking A! I was watching that shit go down in a country that does not filter much in its reporting. It also doesn’t clutter it up with all the “Western Noise” like “so n so got beat up while there” or “Coopers Pooper almost got done” crap. Straight, clear, concise reporting of a people fighting for what they want. And they fucking got it! Why can’t the Gays of America up rise like that. Make some noise! Break some shit! Remember Stonewall? Are our Drag Queens more concerned about getting onto Drag Race than they are with our Rights Race? I know; it’s easy to talk when not steeped in the mire so I will say no more except; when it’s too late no one will listen.

Next; Lady Gaga. I don’t care what anyone says I like that song. Sure it sounds a bit like Madonna but since when was Madonna our measuring stick of originality. Everything has been done people, just shut up and stay on point. It’s a catchy song with a great message and a funky thick beat. Enjoy it. I leave you with this because my crud’s kicking in. Learn Y’All!!


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