Best Calendars for 2011!

Morris Chapdelaine
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Morris Chapdelaine

December 21, 2010
10:35 p.m.

As this year is madly driving to a close, it’s time to evaluate all the potential beef-cake calendars on the market so that I can be sure that each and every office wall, gas station bathroom, staff lunch room, water cooler corner and desk-top has the best possible on offer.

It’s easy of course to walk into your local LGBT book store and pick up 12 months of your favorite PLAYGIRL or FALCON porn stars gracing the pages but why not do something a little different- something a little guilt free.The really lovely thing about purchasing one or several of these calendars I’ve included is that usually a good portion of the money goes to a good cause: getting a sports team some new jersies, sending a kid to summer camp, purchasing a new fire truck and/or generally funding all sorts of charities.

In doing my research I realized that there really is something for everyone. I found college football, rugby and rowing teams, firemen, medical students, and even a few surprises!

So here, in no particular order, are my hot calendar picks for 2011. If you want to get yours before the end of the year, get your order in today! Tell them Morris told you to- and be sure to tell your parents, or your significant other that it’s for a good cause.

First Up: From the UK, The University of Greenwich Rugby Team

Greenwich Rugby team Shower

Not too shabby eh? Reminiscent of D&G’s Italian Footballer’s World Cup campaign from last year, this college team’s calendar features a lot of young, healthy athletes in typical practice and, er… training situations.

It’s available in a ‘family’ and ‘adult’ version.

Next up: The Firefighter Calendar from Bilbao, Spain

Shirtless Spanish Firefighters

Just doing what firefighters do best: getting all hot and bothered from all those false alarms.

Shirtless Firefighters

…and helping out when things get tough.

Available HERE.

This next pick comes from the United States Men’s Water Polo Team


Lots of speedos and wet balls and well, you get the idea…

Hhere’s a quick video tour of some of the months.

Next Up: Med School Boys from the University of North Carolina. You can’t really go wrong with cute, smart, future doctors now can you?

This one is available on their FACEBOOK page with all proceeds going to a Student Health Clinic.

Then we’ve got this tempting offering from the Vatican. Yup, you read that right, The Vatican. Again this year they are doing a calendar of young, hunky priests. I saw last year’s edition while working in Florence and kicked myself for not picking one up. What better way to please your grandmother and get some cute boys on her wall at the same time…

priest calendar

If you purchase it they say they’ll donate 1 British Pound to a Lindon HIV charity.

Pretty Priest

Not to be outdone by those crazy Catholic boys, the guys of BYU bring us another edition of Men on a Mission- Mormon guys of Brigham Young.

topless morman boxer boy

Now don’t be confused about where your money might be going. Originally it was intended to raise funds for a new LDS church but after Mormon elders got wind of the situation they excommunicated all the boys. Seriously. Now the guys who take part are donating proceeds to Equality California- in support of marriage equality in the States and several other LGBT organizations. Cool eh?

hot naked mormon boys

So now they’re Ex-Mormons but still looking hot. Pick up your copy!

Now for another team calendar from the UK…Warwick’s Rowing Club.

This is the second year this team does an offering of this sort and they are spot on with some elegant photography. Apparently they need extra money to buy new boats- so why deny them that!

Warwick Rowing Club NakedYou can get your copy and it’s even available as a digital download!

Up next, the ever popular and oh so desireable Fire Department of New York!  They call it The City of the Brave Calendar and it’s available for purchase.

NYC Firemen

NYC Firemen2

Is that an alarm I hear?

Then we have another great year of pics from AMR (Asian Med Redefined). This one raises money for The Asian and Pacific Islander Wellness Center– a non profit HIV/AIDS services organization.



Cute eh? get your copy!

Now- last but not least, the ever popular calendar from the French Rugby Team: Dieux Du Stade.



hot naked rugby boys

These calendars and DVD’s of the photo shoots continue to amaze me. Pick up your copies!

Any great ones that I missed? Do you have a calendar shoot you took part in and want featured on our pages sometime in the future? Message me here and I’ll see what I can do- it will help if you can include a copy of the calendar in the mail too! cheeky

Here’s to 2011 being full of beautiful boys everywhere.


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