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Connor Sobolik
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Connor Sobolik

March 5, 2013
2:33 p.m.

When I first heard Air Review’s new album, Low Wishes, it struck me as odd that I had never heard it before. It has all the elements of a successful album; the skill, the hook, the general quality, and something different too. The sound, while slightly out of sorts, transports you through a juvenile trip down memory lane or a second look at somewhat melancholy memories. The lead singer, Douglas Hale, was pleasant over the phone as he spoke of childhood innocence, adventure, and his very emotional tale of adoption.

When asked why they chose the name “Air Review” Hale drew a blank. He laughed as he explained its true meaning, or lack thereof.

It was a lapse in judgement. Back in the days, you had to find a name that wasn’t taken on MySpace. We were ready to get out there so we truly just threw a couple words together. It’s just two words that mean nothing to us.

I asked what it was like when Air Review came together for the first time. 

Group dynamics are tricky. Five people working together is a bit tricky. You don’t know any of it till you get together. One of the guys [and I] grew up together, which was a pretty easy transition. The other guys, by luck, it came together quite nicely. Historically I am not very good at working with other people. [Actually], to be honest, I don’t like writing music at all. A scholar once said “I don’t like writing, I like to have written.” Having something complete and pouring that out of me is awesome, but the process of getting [to that point] is hard. The other members are very patient with me though.

The album is upbeat and the title is a perfect reflection of that theme. So I wanted to know what they meant by saying Low Wishes. 

The word “wishes” is a metaphor for a prayer. [It means that] I have nothing to pray about anymore. However, I still have hopes.

“Low wishes” is pretty personal for me. I adopted a child from Ethiopia. That song is about how [my daughter] impacted my whole life. Sitting across from someone as they said goodbye to their child forever, that is something you never get over. There is even a part in the middle about a conversation with my daughter’s biological father as he cried and passed her on [to me].

Their music video for “America’s Son” is a moving story that left me with a lot of questions. 

The original script was the kid going back. [However], the child is the same character. There are many different things you could get from that. He had lost that innocence and that sense of adventure. Him opening his paper was a reminder of who he was as a child.

I was curious to know, if people could learn one thing from the album, what that would be.  

Looking back and realizing that the world and love are far more complex. [Also], we as a band are here to stay. We are getting out there nationally and we put a lot of passion and energy into our live shows.

Hale had so much to say, but the best way to fully understand this gentleman is to listen to the album, in full, without pausing.

You can keep in contact with the boys on their website or follow them on facebook.

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JeremyVanDyke (Guest)
7 years, 11 months ago

I like them all! What handsome men! Also the last video I found very compelling! 🙂